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Eufy HomeBase Stuck at Red Light? Here’s How to FIX it!

When your Eufy HomeBase is stuck on red light, it means it’s unable to connect to the network. Here’s how to fix it!

It is very frustrating when you are not able to configure and use your Eufy HomeBase because it is unable to connect to the network.

This issue normally occurs when you try to configure your brand new HomeBase, but can also occur on your already configured HomeBase after power outage.

HomeBase LED Indicator Light Meanings

Eufy HomeBase and HomeBase 2 have LED indicator lights to display their status.

So, before you troubleshoot any problem on Eufy HomeBase, it’s important to understand the meaning of each indicator light:

Just after you turn ON your HomeBase for the first time, if everything is OK, it should be blinking red which means it is ready for setup.

If it is stuck on solid red, it means there was a problem connecting to the network.

If it is blinking blue, it means that HomeBase is successfully connected to the network but setup is pending.

When it is constant blue, it means you have successfully setup your HomeBase.

When the LED indicator on your HomeBase is blinking blue and red alternatively, it means it is upgrading the firmware.

Quick Answer

To troubleshoot your Eufy HomeBase stuck on red light, first check the ethernet cable and make sure it is properly connected, and internet is also working.

If both the cable and internet are working, you must reset your HomeBase and then try connecting to network again.

1. Check the Ethernet Cable

For configuring HomeBase for the first time, you require an ethernet connection, and later can connect it to WiFi. Make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected firmly to HomeBase and to the router.

There is an LED indicator near the Ethernet port on the back of HomeBase. This led indicator will light up when the Ethernet connection is established.

If after connecting the Ethernet cable to HomeBase, its indicator light does not turns on, replace the cable, and try again. Also try different ethernet port on your router.

2. Check your Internet

If there is an internet connectivity issue with your network, your HomeBase won’t get into connection mode.

To confirm that your internet connection is OK, check it on any other device. If it is not working there, then the problem lies with your internet, and you need to contact your ISP to troubleshoot it.

3. Restart or Reset your HomeBase

If there is no issue with your ethernet cable and internet, and you are still having trouble connecting and configuring your Eufy HomeBase, it’s time to restart or reset it.

Steps to Restart Eufy HomeBase

Unplug the Ethernet and Power cables from your HomeBase.

Press and hold the “Sync” button on your Homebase for about 15-17 seconds to drain the residual charge.

After 30 minutes, plug the ethernet cable first and then the power cable and turn it On.

Steps to Reset Eufy HomeBase

Insert paper clip into the cycle button hole and keep it pressed until you hear “HomeBase is resetting“.

Steps to Reset Eufy HomeBase 2

Last Step!

When there is connection issue due to either the ethernet cable or the internet, your Eufy HomeBase 1/2 would remain stuck at constant red light and will not move to blue.

After following the troubleshooting steps above, once your HomeBase is successfully configured, you can add your Eufy security cameras and use them with HomeKit.

If you are still experiencing connection problem on your HomeBase, it’s best to contact Eufy support and have them examine your device.

Written by: Muhammad Zulfiqar

Muhammad Zulfiqar is the founder of Easy Fix How. He is a Graduate Electrical Engineer and loves everything related to tech – from smart home automation to computers.

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